The Krewe of Krazo
We all make Eureka Gras Happen... Be a Sponsor!
The Krewe of Krazo was founded in 2005.  Over the past decade Krazo has brought many smiles to people’s faces.  Starting from humble beginnings and a lot of work and money our parades have grown from a one-car parade to a fleet of 9 floats.  In June we were fortunate enough to find covered storage for the floats and can now work indoors during the winter months to rebuild and spruce them up for the festivities.  Krazo has grown to a 14 day Mardi Gras Extravaganza which includes a formal and masquerade ball, 2 parades, a Taste of N’Awlins, Kings Day Kickoff, Umbrella Decorating and most importantly tourism, not to mention 10,000 + beads thrown at parades.  Through ticket sales Krazo has participants from a 5-state region.  Krazo gives cash prizes to merchants for best window decorations each year along with a purse of $1000 given to the best high school band that marches in the day parade. We also order over a 1500 lbs of beads from Brandi’s Hope in Gulfport, MS every year.  It is an organization for mentally challenged individuals who clean, count and wrap the beads in bundles.  When you sponsor us, you are giving to many.

The Krewe of Krazo also gives a percentage of the profits from this year's sponsor drive ( you're looking at it!) to local charities.

​​​     Won't you help The Krewe bring a little Mardi Gras fun to Eureka, donate to a good cause and promote your own business in the process?
    These 16 ounce unbreakable heavy plastic stadium cups are an addition to any home, boat or car. Your company or family logo or info on one side, Krazo's logo on the other. Minimum Order 200 $1.25 Did we mention they also promote your business every single time they are seen or used?
  2. 5" FLYERS
    These 5 inch plastic "Frisbee" style flyers are simple fun no matter where you are. Your company or family logo or info centered, Krazo's logo in a circle around it. Minimum Order 200 $1.00 Did we mention they also promote your business every single time they are seen or used?
ordering any of these items is a breeze...​​​​
simply give our friendly, knowledgeable Krewe member
Elizabeth Carol Wicker a call at  817-501-1383
or email her at